We are #Rollerstop. 💚💙

Konsti, Caro and Sev are studying in Vienna and want to usher in a new era of parking options for urban micromobility in their hometown. Together with the RS founder Katharina Scichilone, we are working on innovative ideas to be able to park the means of transport of the "last mile" safely and thus make road traffic safer for EVERYONE.

We would be happy to advise you on modern and ecological parking solutions in urban areas. Micromobility should be promoted, that's what we are committed to! 🛴

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All Rollerstop products on our website and from our shop are available for Germany from our exclusive sales partner for Germany:

ORION building systems GmbH

For deliveries to Germany please contact:

ORION building systems GmbH
Waldstrasse 2
D-64584 Biebesheim
Telephone: +49-(0)-6258 / 5552-0